5 ways to cheat your brain – be more proactive

You may have heard; we use a few percents of our brain. Then it makes a point that the actual capability of our mind is still unknown to us. So, let SearchingOn talk about some ways to cheat your brain. Perhaps these will allow you to use your actual power or maybe you will be more productive.

You can reduce pain through binoculars


cheat your brain

Some scientists from Oxford University experimentally proved that if you look at the injured part of your body through inverted binoculars, the pain sensation can be reduced. The experiment shows that the size of the injury turns smaller and, therefore, your brain start reducing pain. A question remains! How does it work if you have the damage in such an organ you can’t look at? Anyway, try this to cheat your brain.

Gesticulation helps you with memorization


cheat your brain

A group of Psychologists from Manchester University claim that active gesticulation would help you to reproduce and memorize any information better. In most of the cases, the gestures reflect what a person is talking about at the moment. For sure, these similarities are too relative, but it should work.

Ear perceive sounds separately


cheat your brain

Long ago the myth about right and left cerebral hemispheres were demystified. However, that theory explains how we recognize and interpret different sounds. In case of most of us, our right ear is better at receiving any music from speakers. On the other hand, our left ear is more sensitive to sounds of symphonies. So, position your right ear to a speech and left ear to any music or tone. This will cheat your brain.

Complete field effect


cheat your brain

Complete field effect or Ganzfeld effect was invented to understand psychic abilities. To experiment it, you have to have ping-pong balls over your eyes, should wear headphones, through which white noise should be played and also you should have a source of light shining on your face. After a certain period, you’ll start ignoring noise and colors because similar color and sound makes your brain to do so. It ultimately causes total isolation. Scientists claim that such condition will lead to manifest your psychic abilities.

Always smile to boost you up


cheat your brain

As you may have already noticed a person’s facial expression influence others’ mood. If you are not in a good mood, just hold a pencil with your teeth. This will reactivate the muscles that we use when we smile. In great movies, you may have seen people laugh when they are in a difficult situation. The trick should work for you too.

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