Gordon Ramsay pranked his own restaurant in a awful way

Arguably Gordon Ramsay, British celebrity chef, and television personality are currently world’s number one. Despite being a kitchen master, he often appears as a hilarious mockery of his learners, colleagues and even family. Recently Gordon Ramsay arrived in one of his very own restaurants “Gordon Ramsay Steak” at Las Vegas. Hence, Gordon was there to inspect and surprise everyone.

Gordon Ramsay – The worst waiter ever

Gordon goes undercover with the name Thomas at Gordon Ramsay Steak. He tagged there as a waiter in training from Baltimore who has been looking to learn the Gordon Ramsay standard. Since he entered there, he started roaming around as awkward as possible. For instance, in this video, you will see him eating food from guests’ plates. The place was full of executives and employees that Gordon has known for years.

Gordon Ramsay

All in all the restaurant is a success, but it never faced a challenge quite like the Gordon as Thomas. At the first serve, he put a plate-like an accident. Instantly the Guest complained to the manager about Thomas. Within a moment other waiters noticed him and complained to the manager. Full-time waiters are not allowed to behave this way but since Thomas was a trainee other co-workers given him every chance to learn.

Thomas embarrassed Christina, the heart of Gordon Ramsay Steak multiple time and at the very end, he was thrown liquid over her. Then Gordon revealed himself in front of everyone. Instantly every guest started laughing and clapping.

The crews have been recording every scene through hidden cameras.

Gordon is currently hosting multiple TV shows like Masterchef. He owns over 30 restaurants in US and UK. Each and every restaurant maintain the absolute standard of cooking. In TV shows and restaurant inspections you always find him working with passion. However, people often hate Ramsay for using slang and his way of behaving.

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