Have you ever thought, why ‘Mona Lisa’ is so famous?

Let’s play a game. Think of a famous painting. Guess what? You just thought of Mona Lisa. Today, it is the world’s most renowned work of art, but it was not always this way.

Mona Lisa


The notorious Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa’s story is full of surprises, and it all began in a studio in Florence. Well, here is the master himself, Leonardo da Vinci. He worked on Mona Lisa on and off for a few years towards the end of his career.

You are a minor work, my dear, some interesting shading, nothing more.

We will just see about that. Over the next 300 years, Mona Lisa hung quietly in French palaces and royal bathrooms. The things Mona Lisa have seen many circumstances. Until finally a man who had already noticed, it made quite a name for himself. When Napoleon chose it to hang on his bedroom wall, people took notice. It started to sleep with him. After he had his whole exile from France thing, intellectuals tossed M.L. on a wall at The Louvre.

However, at this point, M.L. was still just another Renaissance portrait. Until one night. It was stolen! It was pandemonium. Paris was in an uproar. The police hauled people in left and right. The hysteria hit a fever pitch when the police suspected and interrogated one of the most famous artists in the world, Pablo Picasso. Nevertheless, Picasso was innocent.

The thief turned out to be an Italian carpenter. He was caught in Florence. In addition, I returned to The Louvre. From that day forward, M.L. became the darling of the art world. Everyone wanted to see Napoleon’s da Vinci painting Picasso was suspected of stealing.

Soon, tourists crowded in and most people forgot why Mona Lisa was famous in the first place. That might raise some eyebrows, but not its own since it doesn’t have any. Oh, you didn’t notice the painting don’t have any eyebrows? Since it is full of surprises.

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