5 world’s most expensive burgers | Combination of all pricey ingredients

When it’s about the king of fast food, price doesn’t matter. But we have come up with some burgers for which price is just insane. You can’t even imagine how much expensive a burger can be.
However, we have rounded 5 world’s most expensive burgers you will be interested to know.

1. The Biggest Damn Burger – $5000, Juicy Foods


most expensive burgers

Juicy is providing largest commercially burgers in $5000 with meat and toppings. There will be no wine available including this. Their ultimate price is high, but it’s not for frills rather, for weight.

2. The Wine-Paired Burger – $5,000, Fleur Restaurant, Las Vegas


most expensive burgers

This burger is another highly expensive burger with a bottle of wine. The wine’s price is also included in the total price. It’s packed with wagyu, foie gras, and truffle.

3. The Most Elaborate Burger (Glamburger) – $1,770, Honky Tonk, London


most expensive burgers

It’s one of the world’s most expensive burgers in London restaurant contains bits of gold leaf and caviar and made with Kobe Wagyu beef. It’s offering you something like 2,500 calories and your consuming parts are several different animals. You will get a wedding ring at the same time.

4. The 777 Burger – $777, Burger Brasserie


most expensive burgers

It comes with Dom Perignon. It is native to Las Vegas and also surf-and-turf Kobe beef, Maine lobster combo topped with caramelized onions, crispy prosciutto, and 100-year aged balsamic vinegar.

5. The 666 Burger – $666, Hunters Point, Long Island City, New York


most expensive burgers

One of the most expensive burgers in New York which has become a part of the haute burger pantheon. It’s very juicy and also had little bit crust on the outside of it. The burger is perfectly spiced, grilled, and good and buttery like it should be.

It’s hard to define 5 world’s most expensive burgers worth your money or not. However, if you have the money you might be interested in tasting the combination of pricey and rare ingredients in a Burger.

most expensive burgers!

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