Most powerful all in one desktop computer right now – The Dell Inspiron 77075

The Dell Inspiron 77075 is currently the most powerful all in one desktop computer in the market. It is running a Ryzen 7 which is an 8 core CPU, and it’s a pretty unassuming machine. The machine is gray, and it looks just like a full workstation display.

Most powerful all in one desktop computer


Most powerful all in one

All of the components are housed in the back, and it is a robust system.  The most expensive model is loaded up with the Ryzen 7 1700, 16 gigs of RAM, and the Rx 580 from AMD. There is room for an M.2 stick of storage and a two and a half inch SATA Drive.

Performance is where the system excels, and any kind of Application that can take advantage of many cores is going to do great on the Ryzen 7. For only Core stuff, Ryzen 7 is really good, but it’s not the leader, but for multi-core stuff these 8 Cores do work and if you do any kind of 3d modeling or rendering or math or science. Software video or certain types of photo editing this 8 core system is going to do incredibly well.

It is weird to see a system like a fist just crush a quad-core gaming system. That is even running a 1080 Ti. CPU cores are essential for a lot of applications



Most powerful all in one

So regarding pricing, this thing starts at $1000, but the best configuration is about $1700. The price for the machine is really well if you go to PC part picker once you get all the parts including a standard 4K 27-inch screen.

Gaming Performance

We are looking at pretty much the same price, and the Inspiron looks way more streamlined regarding gaming performance. You are not going to get smooth 4k gaming here, but we are looking at excellent performance at 1080p. Light to moderately demanding games run, really well. You will not have any issues to keep it above 60 frames per second even if you bumped up to 1440p most lighter Games will still be over 60 frames per second. Heavy stuff like GTA 5 and the Witcher 3 that are a little bit slower.

Other Features

The fans are reticent when idling but even under heavy load they do not get that loud. The most powerful all in one has seven USB ports and one of them being type C. There is also an HDMI in and out so you can plug up a console to this thing to use the screen and there are an SD card reader and a headphone jack.

Most powerful all in one


All right back to the front panel this display is beautiful. It has the 4k option but also has a cheaper 1080p variant. However, the 4k IPs panel gets bright with excellent color gamut, and after you calibrate it, color accuracy is on point. It is a matte finish, and it does not touch sensitive it is an excellent screen for content creation and for casual gaming, but my favorite feature about the screen is the bezels. They are super thin, and it just keeps the entire product looking sleek.

I actually think it makes the product look more expensive than it actually is. The build quality is excellent. It is made of mostly plastic materials, but they are well made the paneling feels solid, and the design is simple. However, it is clean I mean there is another all-in-one product made by Dell. It is in their XPS lineup, and that one’s more premium version. It is more expensive products, but I mean that one just looks so much uglier in my opinion than this one.

What’s missing!

You might miss that adjustment the last thing is the lack of a Thunderbolt 3 port now. I know this is not a super expensive system but a Thunderbolt 3 port would have added a lot of expandability and user upgradeability. So here, you have the most powerful all in one desktop you can buy right now.

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