Mushrooms: Nutritional value and health benefits

Almost you all are very much familiar with mushrooms. They are edible fungi with a high level of nutritional value.
Mushrooms add so many nutritional benefits to your body and thus protect you from some diseases like cancer, diabetes & so on. It develops your immune system & keeps your body free from external infections. It also adjusts the body weight.



Before going to discuss the nutritional benefit off of this fabulous, let’s have a look at its nutrient composition.

Very rich in Vitamin-B like

  • Riboflavin- Maintains RBC(red blood cells).
  • Pantothenic Acid- Develops the functioning of nervous system and also take part in producing hormones.
  • Niacin- Improves skin and promote the function of the digestive and nervous system.
  • Folic Acid- Very much beneficial for pregnant women for their fetal’s growth.

Mushrooms are also a good source of minerals, such as-

  • Ergothioneine- It is an antioxidant that protects your body cell.
  • Copper- Keeps your bones and nerves healthy. Improve production of red blood cells which works for carrying out oxygen within the body.
  • Selenium- An antioxidant that protects body cell and thus prevents cancers and heart diseases. It’s the only way to give your body high level of selenium who wants to avoid animal origin.
  • Potassium- Per 84gm mushrooms there is 98-376mg of potassium. Your body has a high degree of necessity of potassium. It maintains the balance of minerals in your body which controls blood pressure.

Nutritional benefits of mushroom


MushroomsMushrooms are very good for you if you want to avoid cancer. They have Beta-Glucans and Linoleic Acid by a significant portion which is very helpful to prevent breast cancer and prostate cancer. Mushrooms continue the cycle of growing cell in your body and decrease the growth of the tumor. In 2015, scientists gave their experimental result on it about cancer prevention. It also plays a significant role in the functioning of liver enzyme and prevents inflammation.

Heart disease



Heart diseases are a typical scenario for now. Irregular blood pressure causes heart disease, exceptionally high blood pressure. Mushrooms keep your blood pressure low and thus work for regulating your blood pressure. Shitake and maitake mushrooms have a high level of potassium that ensures smooth flow of oxygen and blood into your brain. It also improves your memory.




Since the number of diabetes patients is increasing day by day, mushrooms are so much essential for their nutritional component as it has no cholesterol, no fats and rich in vitamin, proteins, and minerals. Mushrooms have fiber that keeps the body glucose low. It provides natural insulin to your body. It is also suitable for the digestive system and metabolic activities.

Immunity power



Mushrooms have powerful antioxidant which fights against various infectious agents. It contains natural antibiotics which inhibit the growth of the microorganism and fungus and thus helps to avoid chronic diseases. Vitamin A, vitamin B complex, and vitamin C boosts your immune system.

Weight management



Mushrooms have beta-glucans and chitin which reduce the calorie intake of your body. It helps by reducing appetite. Researchers say that they are the food with the high rank of nutritional value and no side effect. It will keep your body fit and at the same time will give you a high level of energy, how often you eat it, really doesn’t matter.

Bones’ health



Calcium is necessary for bones’ health. Mushrooms are rich in calcium nutrient that helps to grow your bones and increase the strength of your body. It helps with good mobility and removes bones’ pain.


Anemia causes due to lack of iron in the body that results in digestive problems, neural function problems, and headache. Mushrooms are good sources of iron that promote the formation of red blood cells and thus ensure well functioning of the body.

Few words to say for your safety, all mushrooms are not edible. There are thousands of its kind around you that are highly poisonous. So, don’t have these without having proper knowledge about them. Some mushrooms contain a high level of toxin where some of them have a high rate of nutritional value. So, choose the right type of your daily food list and have a healthy life.

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