Why you shouldn’t be curious about Dark Web

You’ve entrance to less than 5% of the available stuff online. Therefore, the approximate 96% isn’t recognized or indexed by major search engines. Specialists explain this with Freud’s iceberg. There are three different layers on the internet named surface web, deep web and dark web. Apparently, the dark web is the bottom area where you can’t access as you wish.

Dark Web


Surface web

Surfaces web is accessible for everyone from every device. You have an internet connection whether, on your desktop, smartphone or any other device means you can browse websites, stream videos or play games online. But these should be accessible to everyone from everywhere. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing can recognize these and show you search results based on the available indexed stuff.

Deep Web

You may wonder why your local ISP has given you some numbers instead of a web address to browse movies on their server. Well, that’s because they don’t want other people to access the library except for their clients. The Deep Web holds academic database, medical records, financial records, scientific reports, repositories including Subscription-only libraries. All in all The Deep Web or The Invisible Web is only accessible for specific individuals.

Dark Web

The dark web requires specific software, configuration or authentication to access. It’s the darkest part of the World Wide Web which is not for the general individuals. Most of the illegal activities conducting online as drug dealing, human trafficking, political protests belong to Dark Web. It’s such a place you never want to walk in. The activities beyond your imagination are going on there. Mostly all users and initiators are anonymous there.

Why you shouldn’t be curious about Dark Web

The name suggests what’s going on there. Let’s be a little more elaborative about the activities of Dark Web.

Weapon deals

If you want to purchase a gun legally, you’ve to provide your credentials. It depends on your Government’s imposed law. Surprisingly, you can buy illegal weapons available in the online market through a currency called Bitcoin. No one will ask you to provide your information or interrogate you about the reason. In some marketplaces, it can even found buyers rated dealers concerning their honesty.

Drug Truffling


Dark Web

A website called Silk Road is notoriously famous for drug dealing. Almost any Drug-like cocaine, marijuana, pills available there. However, alongside Silk Road, thousands of drug dealing marketplaces currently running. Everyday Governments shutting down sites are they’re reopening with more traffic and sales. As a matter of fact, the creator of Silk Road Ross William Ulbricht was caught by FBI and later on Silk Road 2.0 came online.

Abandon Videos

Gareth Owen from the University of Portsmouth found that the most requested content on The Dark Web is abandon videos. Videos including abusing children, torturing people, practicing demon are some content examples which are highly accessible over the Dark Web. It’s beyond imagination that people pay for these.

Hacking groups and services

People hire Black Hat Hackers to destroy a business, spy on others or scraping inaccessible documents on The Dark Web. Payment depends on the importance of that activity. There are several forums where hackers share apps and tools even for free to destroy others. Additionally, some secret groups hire pirates based on their skill. I recommend not to download one of these since there is a strong possibility that the tools are infected with Trojan Horse or Backdoor.


Dark Web

Probably, you’ve already got an overall idea about The Dark Web. In fact, I never visited any website belongs to Dark Web. There is a lot to discuss, but since I’m a user of Surface Web, it would be unethical to dig into it. If you’re a person who never had an interest in the above-stated activities, you should definitely keep yourself away from the darkest part of WWW. Moreover, don’t let others fool you.

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