Top tech YouTubers you may wanna follow in 2018

Youtube is the video platform like no other. The only reason is you watch youtube everyday. Youtubers, a class of individuals or communities who upload videos are the heart of youtube. Everyone among us has not enough idea of emerging technical factors and how these work. As can be seen, you often confused whether you chose OnePlus over iPhone, how a CPU handle everything inside your computer and much more technology related queries. Tech Youtubers explain these all. Well, the question may arise who are the top tech YouTubers and how they became successful we are here to answer you.

Every tech YouTubers has their very own fan base. Comparing one over other by counting subscriber or net worth would be a terrible idea. For instance, you may like a video on CNET TV about Galaxy S8 but another channel you don’t like owned more subscriber. By the same token, you may like one’s way of explanation but not his length of videos. Here we have chosen mostly gadget reviewers based on following standards-

In-Depth Discussion:  How well a tech YouTuber explains technical details like working principles of a graphics card.

Number of Subscribers: The indexes here would be youtube subscriber, twitter followers and so on.

An efficient way of explaining: Who explains better within a short amount of time.

However, we have chosen top tech YouTubers based on different statistics. Perhaps you have different thoughts. Don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below.

In-Depth Discussion

We have chosen Linus Sebastian as the best in Depth reviewer in this category. Sometimes you often notice that a 12mp smartphone camera shoots better than a 21mp smartphone camera. Perhaps you would be curious about the technical details of that 12mp and what makes it outperform a 21mp. A 6 core Intel CPU provides better performance and stability. How over an AMD 8 core? Well, Linus Sebastian of Linus is unbeatable in this category.

Top tech YouTubers


Youtube career

Linus Gabriel Sebastian is a 30 years old Canadian YouTuber who founded Linus Media Group. He joined YouTube in 2007 and still producing great in Depth contents mostly about computing, computer hardware, and peripherals. Linus is widely known for creating and hosting Linus Tech Tips and Techquickie. Inc. magazine ranked him 4th in a list of “Top 30 Power Players in Tech”. Currently, Linus Tech Tips is the 5th most watched Science and Technology channel on youtube.

Noteworthy shows & projects

The WAN Show (2012-present)

In WAN show Linus and Luke discuss and explain latest news from the tech world. They share their thoughts on ongoing trends in tech arena with viewers. The WAN show first lives in Twitch then uploaded on YouTube. There have been nearly 200 episodes of WAN show you can watch right now on Youtube.

Multiple gamers 1 CPU

In 2016 Linus Tech Tips created a computer costs $30000 which was able to handle multiple users (7) at a time. The “7 Gamers 1 CPU” was a success and the machine in Kingston’s CES 2016 stall. Followed by that project they created they created “8/10 Gamers, 1 CPU“.

Reasons behind being chosen

  1. Linus uses a humorous way of explaining boring stuff like computer hardware.
  2. He explains as technically as possible. However, his interaction with viewers is top notch.
  3. Channel related forums where viewers can get clarified on ambiguous technical details.
  4. Since choosing PC components within budget is not easy for everyone, he helps you to decide better.
  5. Unbiased review which means not being manipulated by any third party for unethically promoting their product or service.


Linus often talks about smartphones, software, services but people mostly adore him for his informative videos about the personal computer.

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EAn efficient way of explaining

We have chosen the Youtube channel MKBHD hosted and owned by Marques Brownlee, an American tech YouTuber. Marques Brownlee is not a full-time YouTuber. He is a professional frisbee player and still a student. Marques explains in a way that you can decide why you should choose a phone or reject it within a moment.

Top tech YouTubers


YouTube career

23 years old Marques Brownlee is native American who started his youtube career in March 2008. In 2013, Vic Gundotra, former Senior Vice President, Social for Google, called Brownlee “the best technology reviewer on the planet right now.” At the beginning of his career, he started reviewing peripherals and eventually paid software. Usually, he uploads one video in a week. Every day on an average of 3000 subscribers is joining his channel. He is arguably best appreciated today for his review about smartphones.

Noteworthy shows and projects

Marques Brownlee is enthusiastic about electric or hybrid cars. He reviewed Tesla S P100D. Alongside that, he recently started a show called “What’s On!“. The first video uploaded on “What’s On!” was a studio tour of Casey Neistat, most famous vlogger on youtube.

Reasons behind being chosen

  1. Marques always focus on to the point explanation.
  2. You may found him as an Apple fanboy. But if you notice his several videos, you may figure out his unbiasedness.
  3. He covers almost every point in a shortage amount of time.
  4. Always active on social media like Twitter, Instagram from where viewers can directly get an answer by Brownlee.


Marques Brownlee recently graduated which means he has a long way to go. In one of his “Ask me!” video, he claimed that everything he owned is without any collaboration. Unlike others, he captures, edits and promotes his contents individually.

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Considering followers and viewers

Lewis George Hilsenteger, the owner, and the host of Unbox Therapy have a massive amount of subscriber on his channel. Hilsenteger usually unboxes Smartphones and Computers. At the same time, he gives a little overview on that. Alongside that, he reviews headphones, displays, and even shoes on Unbox Therapy. Unbox Therapy started in 2010 which right now owned over 8 million subscribers.

Top tech YouTubers

Hilsenteger mostly focuses on easiness instead of being too technical. People often care about conclusion than technical detail. Additionally, Hilsenteger provides contents almost about everything. For instance, you will see him focusing on multiple niches whereas other YouTubers are on one or few.


Unbox Therapy is not a pure tech channel. Since Hilsenteger’s main focus is tech, we included him in our Top Tech Youtubers list.

Some other honorable mentions:

Jonathan Morrison   Austin Evans  Michael Fisher  Safwan Ahmedmia  Dave Lee

However, your choice of Top Tech YouTubers might be different.

Top tech YouTubers | Top tech YouTubers | Top tech YouTubers

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